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Graham Reid, Director – Steps & Stillages Limited
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Graham Reid, Director – Steps & Stillages Limited

When our 15 year old factory clocking machine packed up, I instinctively reached for Ebay. The first was a cheap finger print scanner, but that lasted barely a couple of days before it wouldn’t recognize peoples’ fingers. Next I thought I’d better pay a bit more and get a better one and went back to a clock card again. This machine was a bit of a compromise in that someone could overprint their time print if they were late, but alas the machine only lasted 5 weeks before an error code came up that I could neither identify nor clear. So I did what I should have done in the first place and called NTR. They then came to see us and listened to what I wanted, just simple clock in and out once a day, no buttons for anyone to press and no computer link. NTR showed me some sample machines, and 2 days later I had the ideal machine supplied and fitted, with a decent supportable warranty – excellent service!

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