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Any small or big business with considerable number of employees must use time clocks or clocking systems. They serve two purposes. They act as a security measure by allowing only authorized personnel walk in and out of the premises. An unknown person without the swipe card is unable to access the premises. Secondly, these machines record the in time and out time of employees.

The time clock cards are a boon for all businesses where security and punctuality are of utmost importance. Thus, it is imperative for every office and commercial building to incorporate these clocking systems. Our hi-tech electronic clock machines make use of advanced technology. The time clocks are installed at the entrance and the employees need to swipe the time cards or clock cards to enter the office.

We are a leading organization that is specialized in making such hi-tech clocking machines. We are Northampton Time Recorders Limited (NTR). Use our clocking machines to grow in your business in a responsible way. Thanks to the time clocks, you can now instill a sense of punctuality and duty among the employees.

Reach out to us to enquire about the clock cards / time cards / time clock cards. We sell as well as rent out these systems. Sign up with us a maintenance contract to ensure maximum work efficiency round the year.

Clock Cards – 10-800292

Also Known : A31, 5012, 013702, REF J1, NO. 32, 62813, J/KR

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Clock Cards – 102115

Also Known: H2087, 131, 132, 5002, 9027, AT1, B, CTS2087, G1, 2087AD, M86, SM7000, TB7000, Y2087, G.T.1

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Clock Cards – 102831

Also Known : SC011, NDI, AT7, G.T.7

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Clock Cards – 103464

Also Known : SC071BF, PH 1-7, AT8, C, CT1, D1, H10, H968, Y968, P/H, V9755, 5037

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Clock Cards – 106532

Also Known : 7100-1, AA2, ATSN350/550, G.T.11, REF A-350

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Clock Cards – 25550

Also Known : JC, RJC, 5065, G.T.12

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Clock Cards – 87141

Also Known : SC071BF, PH 1-7, AT8, C, CT1, D1, H10, H968, Y968, P/H, V9755, 5037

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Clock Cards – 103302

Also Known : SC051BF, CL6000, Y6000, C1, B2, AT6, CG6000, H17, G.T.6, SPX2, 81439

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Clock Cards- 102826

Also Known : ITR4829B, 4829, CTS1, CGK1, G.T.4, K1

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